100m Reel of White QED 42 Strand Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) Speaker Cable


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SKU: 100M DRUM white QED 42 STRAND


We are authorised QED Partners, so you can be assured of a genuine product, backed by excellent customer service and, as always with QED, a lifetime guarantee.

QED is an award winning British company with over 40 years of experience in the audio-visual connectivity industry. QED’s reputation for innovation and technical excellence is known throughout the world. The latest computer-aided design techniques allow their research and development team to keep pace with technological advances and deliver products that achieve the highest levels of performance and reliability. This is why QED products are recommended by so many of the world’s leading hi-fi and home theatre equipment manufacturers.

QED 42 Strand loudspeaker cable was launched in 1975 as QED’s first ever cable. It has a fantastic reputation and is still recognised as the industry leader in this price bracket and has even won the prestigious TEST OF TIME Award from the Federation of British Audio.

As QED’s entry-level speaker cable, QED 42 Strand combines convenience and performance. It is able to deliver a performance that is much more sophisticated in comparison to any budget cable. Hi-end frequencies are presented with much more clarity, whilst bass response is more precise in detail.The cable’s figure of 8 construction makes it small enough to fit in the most demanding places, easy to terminate and ideal for most discreet wiring situations. QED 42 Strand can be installed in all situations with long cable runs and room to room connections.

If you are just setting-up, or are a new enthusiast in the world of Hi-Fi, this cable is a fantastic introduction point as to how a cable can have influence over the sound that you hear.Perfect for Hi-Fi and Home Cinema Systems with 42 superior grade oxygen free copper strands, this cable really wont let you down.


  • Wire gauge – 19 AWG
  • Jacket Outer Diameter 2.7 mm
  • Cross-sectional area – 0.75 mm2
  • Loop resistance – 0.046 Ω/mm
  • Capacitance – 49 pF/m
  • Inductance – 0.75 µH/m
  • Dissipation factor – 0.0500

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