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Brand new UK 240v  to USA 110v voltage converter.

Main features

  •  Allows USA electrical equipment to operate in the UK
  • 100W maximum power output
  • Output sockets UL/CSA listed
  • Robust plug top ABS housing
  • Thermal fuse protection

This compact plug in power supply allows electrical items designed for the USA to be used in UK sockets, simply plug your USA 2 plug into the convertor then the UK 3 pin on the convertor into the mains.

Perfect for low power appliances up to 100w power consumption, which includes items such as some games consoles, laptop mains supplies, DVD players etc.


How to choose the correct transformer?

You can find required information on the appliance/device manufacturer’s label located on the back or bottom of the appliance, or on the box, or in the specifications section of the appliance owner’s manual otherwise contact manufacture or the seller you bought this item

To determine the correct Voltage you must to know Watts (W) of your appliance.

If the label does not specify the wattage, but you know the Amperage (A) and Input Voltage you can calculate it using the following formula:
Amps (A) x Input Voltage (V) = Watts
Example: 2 Amps x 110 volt = 220 watts

We recommend using a Voltage Converter / Transformer with a Max Watts rating that is at least 25% higher than your appliance. Some appliances such as Power tools, Motors, Laser printers and TVs require a converter 2-3 times the watts that the appliance is rated for. This is because these items require a surge of power when they are first turned on.

So in above explained example you need transformer 220 Watts x 25% (1.25) = 275 Watts (So you need transformer which able to take power more than 275 Watts)

A higher watts rated transformer will never hurt your appliance, however if you buy one that is not strong enough, it will not work.

This transformer has a power rating of 100 watts. If you try to run a device which takes more power the transformer will burn out (doing this invalidates the warranty). We do not accept any liability for damage to any equipment through miss-use of this appliance; please ensure that your appliance does not exceed the maximum wattage capacity as detailed in the description.

Now again this advertise is for US appliance which need power less than 100W to use in UK mains socket, if you need higher or lower, step up or step down transformer than have a look our eBay shop or email us back with specifications you have.

The appliance you intend to use this with must have a power rating of 100W or lower. If it is used with higher power equipment than 100W the internal fuse in this unit will blow causing irreparable damage.

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