Vinyl Kleen VK001 Anti-Static Carbon Fibre Record Cleaner Brush


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Produced to the most exacting standards, Vinyl Kleen is the vinyl collectors must have accessory, prolonging the life of your valuable collection and reducing stylus wear whilst optimising playback quality.  It conditions and cleans the grooves of LPs and singles by removing dust and fluff, while at the same time discharging static without damaging the delicate playing surface.

Not only is this a fantastic product, thanks to our long standing partnership with the guys at Vinyl Kleen, we are able to offer the best UK price on this item.

We recommend always cleaning your records with a good quality carbon fibre brush every time before playing.

Instructions for use

  1. Rotate the brush 180° from the protective handle,exposing the filaments.
  2. As the record is revolving on the turntable prior to playing, lightly brush in the direction of the grooves whilst moving the brush from inside to out of the playing surface (do not apply any pressure to the brush to avoid any physical stress on the filaments.
  3. Once removed from record, rotate the brush 360° through the protective handle to remove and dust or debris from the filaments.
  4. Crucially, rotate the filaments so they are stored within the protective handle when not in use.

No fluid is required with this brush 

It is recommended that you keep the brush in a cupboard or under your turntable to minimise the amount of dust or debris collecting on the brush fibres. Obviously, the quality of the clean is dependent on the how clean the brush is, the same as with any other cleaning product.

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