Audio Technica ATN3600L Genuine Replacement Stylus NEW ATN91 ATN 91 Sony PSLX300


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This is a genuine Audio Technica replacement for the AT91 BL and AT3600,AT 3651,AT3650L,AT3650C,AT3650,AT3626 cartridge’s stylus. It is also the replacement stylus for the Carbon cartridge, sold as standard on some other turntable models.

This quality stylus is standard fit for, amongst other turntables, the Sony PSLX300 (inc USB version) and Marantz TT5005, where an Audio Technica cartridge is fitted.


Changing the stylus 

To remove old stylus (needle), hold the cartridge in one hand, grasp the plastic stylus housing with thumb and forefi­nger, and pull away from the cartridge. The stylus assembly comes away at a slight angle, as indicated by the arrow.

To install replacement stylus, insert the new stylus assembly into the cartridge at a slight angle, so the hook at the end of the stylus fi­ts into the slot in the cartridge body. The stylus assembly should click into place when fully seated on the cartridge. The stylus must be fully seated on the body for proper operation.

Technical Information

Frequency Response:

20 – 20,000Hz

Channel Separation:

20dB at 1kHz

Recommended Load Impedance:




Stylus Shape:





Additional information


Cartridge Type



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