Automotive Current Tester Circuit Meter Standard ATO ATC Blade Fuse Car Vehicle


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This handy test unit makes it so easy to measure currents on individual circuits. Simply plugs into any standard blade type fuse holder and provides an easy-to-read LCD display of the circuits performance. Makes it easy to find that circuit which is draining your car battery!
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Identifies the circuit draining your car battery
Ideal for fault-finding on car and commercial vehicle electrical circuits
Provides an easy-to-read LCD display of the circuit’s performance
Simply plugs into standard blade type fuse holder in your fuse box.
Measures up to 48V/ 20A
Cable length: 400mm
Weight: 68g
Dimensions: 86(l) x 37(w) x 28.5(d)mm
12V A23 type battery
Fast, accurate and safe current measurement at the fuse box

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