Edifier SS03 Speaker Stands for S3000PRO Loudspeakers


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  • These SS03 speaker stands from Edifier are designed exclusively for use with the glorious S3000PRO speakers. Simply put the S3000PRO look amazing mounted on these stands, making them the perfect companion purchase.
  • The wood grain design perfectly matches the S3000PRO’s rustic aesthetic. They will blend easily into any room in your house.
  • For security and stability you get additional piece of mind with top quality construction using a thickened, high strength MDF structure.
  • Vibration-free, designed specifically to house the S3000PRO, so that no part of the speakers will vibrate against the stand and impact your listening experience.
  • Dimensions 300 x 660 x 365 mm (LxWxH), Weight 15.5 kg

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