KidzAudio Badoo Childrens Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Built in Mic


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KidzAudio BADOO, The ultra stylish mobile child speaker with built-in microphone and USB record facility.

The BADOO is a speaker system suitable for children from 3 years old. It offers the simplest operation, natural listening pleasure and even has a built-in microphone. This allows your child to record themselves (or you!) talking, singing or playing musical instruments and then playback to their hearts content. The individual components are each made of child friendly robust and sustainable materials. Thanks to the integrated and replaceable battery, BADOO can also be used on the go, (battery life up to 6 hours). The BADOO operates as a standard Bluetooth music player using your phone, for example, but is also fitted with a USB port, so it can play recorded music, Audiobooks, or your own recordings via a USB stick (not included). BADOO also has the ability to connect you mp3 player using an AUX cable. You do not need subscriptions, clouds, apps, WLAN or similar, you simply create playlists with your own MP3 content. With the built-in sleep function, the BADOO becomes a sleep aid, Bedtime stories can be played which get quieter over 30 minutes and finally fade out. The speaker system is absolutely child-proof: The solid bamboo housing was treated with natural linseed oil, the handle is made of food-safe silicone. There is no mains voltage in the loudspeaker enclosure.

Listen, record, play – build your childs creativity!

BADOO opens up a variety of possibilities for your children to experience and design their own audio content, quite simply, without subscriptions, Clouds, Apps, WLAN or similar.

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Ultra Stylish and Mobile

The case of the box is made of sustainable and sturdy bamboo, which is treated with linseed oil. The interchangeable handle is made of food grade silicone and comes in 4 colours (black, green, blue, purple). We use only safe and non-toxic materials so perfect for your child to use. The loudspeaker can be operated via the integrated, replaceable battery (about 6 hours of operation) as well as via mains operation, making the BADOO the perfect companion for your child at home or on the go.


Personalise BADOO

BADOO is very easy and intuitive to use. The control panel has coloured buttons and clearly recognisable symbols for the individual functions. Create files on your USB stick with the names below and BADOO will do the rest once you plug the stick in. Files must be named as follows:-music for music. book for audiobooks. recordings for recording with the built-in microphone.

Your child just selects what content they want to play or record by pressing the appropriate coloured button to begin .There is also a combined button for the sleep function and Bluetooth. Please note:- this function is not available if there is a phone cable connected to the 3.5mm input on the rear of the unit.


Volume limiter and sleep function

To protect children’s ears and parents’ nerves, there is a second volume control inside the speaker to limit the maximum volume of the BADOO. This area is protected by a bamboo cover plate and secured with a screw. With activated sleep function, the speaker gradually reduces the playback volume over a period of 30 minutes and the BADOO falls silent – Good night!

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Microphone recording for endless hours of fun!

Your child can record their own voice, vocals or musical instruments with the built-in microphone – creativity knows no bounds! Each single recording is saved in MP3 format and can be played back at any time.


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