Mercury Carbon Monoxide CO and Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Compact Home Safety Set


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This handy set is everything you need for early warning home safety protection from Carbon Monoxide gas and fire.Manufactured by the renowned Mercury brand you can be assured that this item has had stringent testing and meets all safety requirements.
The Carbon monoxide alarm
An electromechanical carbon monoxide alarm for use in buildings fitted with gas boilers or fireplaces. This life saving device alerts the user to the presence of deadly carbon monoxide gas. The alarm is battery powered and incorporates an LCD display screen which constantly shows the present CO levels and ambient temperature readings.Comes with a battery for up to 7 years life.

  • Tested in an approved laboratory in the UK to ensure full compliance to EN50291-1:2010+A1:2012
  • Up to 7 years working life span from first power up
  • LCD display shows the particle sampling count, ambient temperature and battery level
  • Memory function for CO peak count in the last 24 hours
  • LED status indicators; green for power, amber for fault and red for alarm
  • Battery powered to allow the unit to remain functional in the event of a power cut
  • Latched battery compartment designed to prevent alarm from being fitted with no battery
  • Dimensions 120 x 87 x 40mm
  • Loud 85dB Siren

The smoke alarm
This unit detects initial smoke formation with its sensitive photoelectric system and signal processing circuit giving an alarm signal as an early warning. Photoelectric alarms are less likely to trigger a false alarm from Kitchen or bathroom steam than traditional ionization alarms. This model also has a hush feature to reduce the unit’s sensitivity for a ten minute period when needed.

  • Audible and visual alarm (red flashes)
  • Large test/hush button for ease of use
  • Hush feature which reduces the alarms sensitivity for a 10 minute period
  • Low battery indication
  • Battery and fixing screws supplied
  • Dimensions 34mm deep x 101mm diameter
  • Conforms to EN14604:2005 AC/2008
  • Loud 85dB Siren


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