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We are authorised Mission dealers so you can be assured of a genuine product backed by outstanding customer service.

With 40 years of audio expertise, it’s safe to say Mission know what they are talking about when it comes to Loudspeakers and the new QX-2 range merely reinforces that fact. Aesthetically stunning with astounding performance at this price point, basically, they’ve done it again!

Don’t just take our word for it, check the recent reviews from both What Hi-Fi? and Hi-Fi Choice.

What Hi-Fi loved them and said one of the most enjoyable pairs of speakers you can buy for under £500

Hi-Fi Choice claim in their five star review that the QX-2 ‘aims to marry lifestyle, performance and value like never before.’

Advanced new designs and extensive listening tests developed into a loudspeaker that offers exciting and dramatic performance, no matter the style of music or movies you prefer.

The QX series was designed to marry Mission’s advanced engineering with a highly stylish and attractive aesthetics allowing the speakers to fit perfectly with any system and blend into virtually every type of décor.

As with most Mission speakers, QX uses its classic IDG (Inverted Driver Geometry) a driver format which positions the tweeter below the bass/midrange driver, equalizing the length of path so the sound waves coincide at the listener’s head height. This principle improves ‘time alignment’.

Mission also designed completely new drivers for the QX Series, incorporating several advanced design ideas, including a new “Ring Dome” tweeter which offers high levels of musical detail with low distortion. This exclusive ring dome utilising a woven, textile material formed in a double ring arrangement along with a textile dome and multi-ring surround, applying optimum stiffness to the maximum radiating area.

Overall, the QX-2s are terrific speakers. They sound at home across a wide range of music and have an infectiously energetic character that makes them a pleasure to listen to.

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Product details

  • Advanced DiaDrive cone system – front inverted dome cone delivers smooth response, driven by secondary sub cone to transfer maximum transient impact from the motor system
  • Oversized magnet motor system offers high sensitivity for maximum dynamic impact from any amplifier
  • New ‘ring dome’ treble unit offers high levels of musical detail with low distortion – the usual dome cavitation effects are avoided.
  • Slot port is profiled to reduce ‘chuffing’ distortion, yielding accurate bass performance
  • Carefully crafted acoustic crossover slopes achieve perfect integration between the drivers for a seamless performance
  • Crossover uses laminated iron core bass coil, audiophile standard polypropylene capacitors, spaced on the PCB to avoid magnetic field interaction


Manufacturer Specifications



Enclosure Type Bass Reflex
Transducer Compliment 2-Way
Bass Driver 6.5″ (150MM) Long Fibre Composite Cone
Treble Driver 1.5″ (38mm) Textile Ring Dome
AV Sheild No
Sensitivity (2.0V@1m) 88db
Recommended Amplifier Power 25-120W
Peak Power Handling Peak SPL 95dB
Nominal Impedence 8Ω Compatible
Minimum Impedance 3.6Ω
Freq Response (Hz) 44 – 24kHz
Bass Extension(-6dB) 38Hz
Crossover Frequency 2.2kHz
Cabinet Volume (in litres) 13.5L
Dimensions h x w x d 320mm x 220mm x 300+5mm (with Terminations)
Colour Rosewood
Net Weight 8.8Kg/pcs

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